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Another project started!

Another project started!

Well, I have been writing a lot lately but as you may notice I haven't posted that much. I'm a bit meticulous about the post is just as I want it. However, the whole point is to publish stuff I'm am doing.

The python part of the GrapQL is already finished, I need to take the time to read through and change some stuff and then it is ready to publish! Also, the .NET Core too. So instead of fix it I just had a great idea! Let us do another project!

Meanwhile, I have been thinking of an app. Projects are more fun when building something that works. I saw on Microsoft Ignite that they did show their concept by a new hotel booking app. So why not build an app and at the same time talk a bit about architecture.

It would be fun to go through onion architecture and demonstrate how I like to build things, with tests of course.

Lately, I had many fun discussions with friends and acquaintances that asked me some questions. Add some job interviews with that, and I thought, why not build an app that is a bit like a driving school test.

Some time ago I got a question: "What is partial in C#?" I remember using it, but I must admit I rarely used it. I know EPiServer uses it and also seen it in some ASP Net MVC apps. The answer is that you can split a class into two files with the partial declaration, I am not a fan. I can see some points about refactor and remember seeing it in a WinForm class. However, I argue that in most cases there is no need for it. However, the point is that I can build a quiz app, and share all questions I got and others fun facts. Moreover, learn in a fun way!

So, I am thinking, let's do this app in latest .NET Core, let's use a fun database, like Cosmos DB or something similar, let's do EF Core and let's also demonstrate onion architecture at the same time.

Later on maybe using the chatbot I have been coding on so that I can answer questions like that, and integrate questions that you like to be answered.

I have started a bit already. Let me continue this post with a part 1 of a series and some diagrams of what I am building! Let's give it a code name, "The Expert" I love that sketch!